Link-n-Wood Fence Co.
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Over 35 years of experience!
Link-n-Wood Fence Co., Inc. was formed after its owner realized exactly what was
missing in the fence world.....
customer service! After working for many years in the
fence business, they continued to see customers who may have been happy with the
end result, but unhappy with process, and they realized that above all, customer service
is what is lacking in the fence industry.

It is important to note, that quality and price is at the top of everyone's list, but quality
and price mean nothing, if the company cannot offer top-notch customer service.

Mission Statement

We will strive to provide a quality product at affordable prices, and will conduct business
in an honest, fair, and responsive way. We understand the problems that arise for
consumers that hire companies for home improvement, and we intend to restore faith by
promising to demonstrate that customer service is at the top of our list.

Location and area of business:

Link-n-Wood fence mainly works in western areas of Lake County, however will work in
other areas if not deemed to far, for referrals only.

Products we offer:

Link-n-Wood Fence Co. provides free estimates for PVC Fence, Chainlink Fence,
Wood Fence, and Ameristar Fencing (maintenance free steel).
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