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Horse Fences
Let Link-n-Wood Fence Co. help you
decide on what kind of horse fence
you need. There are many options
out there for horse fences such as,
electric fences, PVC, barbed wire,
wood or wire mesh. But we think of
horse safety and security. Many of
these options pose a threat to
horses so making a decision is
extremely important. We are
available for free estimates, and can
provide service to inspect and
repair old fences that may be
dangerous. Call us at 847-223-2101.
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3-Rail Horse Fence
440 Ranch Fence
by Ameristar
Your farm fence and ranch
requirements. 440 Fence is a and
cable fence systems are available
in a variety of heights, number of
rails, rail configurations, and

440 is a popular fence system
among cattlemen and horse
ranchers because of its strength
and durability. 440 Fences
attribute its strength and durability
to its pre-galvanized high-tensile
steel and 11 stage maintenance
free finish.