By now, you should have signed your proposal, and sent or
emailed it back with your deposit!

The next step:

If a permit is required, you will need to take your contract, and usually your plat of
survey to your local city or village hall. Sometimes there are inspections required that
we may not be aware of. Please do not assume that we remember everything about
village requirements. Please let us know as soon as possible if there are special
requirements for your fence. Apply for your permit as soon as possible, some
villages take 2-3 weeks to process the paperwork. If an inspection is required, we will
coordinate this with inspectors.

Meantime, we will be contacting either DIGGER in the city, or JULIE in the suburbs for
an underground utility locate. These companies provide us with markings, either
paint or flags, so our crews know where electric, phone, cable, and gas lines are
located beneath the ground. These companies do not give the homeowner any
notice. They will contact us if they are not able to access your yard.

Once a permit is secured, and the underground locate is complete, we will contact
you with the schedule for installation.

Please be sure that the fence lines are clear from debris or overgrowth of plants,
shrubs and bushes. Our crews are careful, but sometimes it is nearly impossible to
avoid damage to these plantings.

Be sure to locate and advise us of any private underground utilities, such as gas
lines for barbecues, electric lines from house to garage, landscape lighting, sump
pump lines, or sprinkler lines. Link-n-Wood Fence Co. will not be responsible for
private lines.

We ask that you be home the day of installation, to sign off on the layout of the fence
lines, and to pay the crew the remaining balance for the job.  

We thank you for your business,
and as always, if you have any
additional questions,
please call us at: